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JP Studio is an editor and solver for so-called "Japanse Puzzels". The aim of a Japanese puzzle is to paint the cells of a grid black and white according to some rules. The result is an image.


Numbers are given to the left of the rows and above the columns of the grid. The numbers indicate how many clusters of black cells there are and how many black cells there are in each cluster. For example, "3 4" above a column means that the column starts with zero or more white cells, followed by a cluster of 3 black cells, followed by one or more white cells, followed by a cluster of 4 black cells, followed by zero or more white cells.

When a row has 8 cells and it clusters are "4 1" we may conclude that there are two so-called fixed points. The cluster of four blacks has as left-most position cells 1..4 and as right-most position cells 3..6 (because that leaves cell 7 as white and cell 8 for the second cluster of one black).

All six possibilities for "4 1" in 8 (the two fixed points are circled red)

Consequently cells 3 and 4 must be black. This information usually restricts the possibilties for columns 3 and 4 leading to fixed points in those columns.


Editor Solver
To solve a game, simply click on a cell: left for black, right for white (and another click to change back to gray again). When enabled a light is added to each row/column that turns red when the painted black and white cells do not match the given clusters. The light turns yellow when a row/column has a fixed point. A fixed point is a gray cell whose color can be determined from the other cells in the row/column and the clusters for that row/column. Note that yellow lights can be clicked, revealing the fixed points.



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