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The auto-flip is a modification of the standard acrobot (as described in the constructopedia that comes with lego mindstorms). The acrobot has such a slim body and such a big wheels that it flips over when it drives against a wall. However, since the wheels keep rotation in the same direction, it keeps on driving against that wall.

The standard acrobot keeps bouncing against the wall

I have added a "gravity" sensor to the acrobot. When the bottom of the car faces down, the motor rotates clockwise, but when the top of the car faces down, the motor starts rotating anti-clockwise.

The autoflip adapts its motor direction on which side is up.

Auto-flip assembled

top side (back view) top side (front view) bottom side (front view)

Gravity module

the lightsensor inside the gravity module gravity module (side)
gravity module complete gravity module mounted gravity module closed

Wheel mounting

the wheel frames wheel frame mounted wheel mounted

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